The Jordan Family

I took the Jordan family out to Matthews Winters Park this Saturday for a mini family session. Jonah was a great sport at seven months old, and their rescue dog, Rachel, gave us some good poses in between snacks of grass and twigs along the way!


Kio William Cleary

I recently had the pleasure to visit my very good friends Billy and Emily at their home in Wheaton Illinois. Billy and Emily are wonderful, beautiful people who go out of their way to love and take care of others. It is also worth noting that I have also had the pleasure to photograph Billy and Emily's engagement, maternity, and now their new addition to the family! We joke that I am their official life photographer, but actually that's not a joke, it's a job I really want! Part of the reason for the visit was to meet this newest member of the family - Kio. It really is an incredible thing when two of your favorite people get together and make the most precious baby boy. Seriously though, he's sweet, adorable, and he literally never cries. So enjoy these photos of dream baby Kio, and his fantastic parents!


Brandon Deines: Olympic Weightlifter

I really enjoy photographing people doing the thing they do best. There's something so compelling about capturing the point at which talent, drive, determination, grit, and hours upon hours of hard work intersect. 

Brandon is a competitive Olympic weightlifter, and I had wanted to photograph him for a long time. His raw skill with the barbell and sweet beard make him an ideal subject. I had the opportunity this week to sit in on one of his training sessions. Ahead of his competition this weekend he built to around 85% of his one-rep max during this particular session. Once you see how much weight that means for Brandon, you'll understand why I recommend you do not try to fight him.

Enjoy these photos of raw power and sweet beard action. Good luck this weekend, Brandon!

Liz and Kane

I love Liz and Kane. Liz is an incredible human. Her heart might actually be made of gold. Kane is a spunky toe-head who loves to give presents to others. He once tried to gift me one of his toy trucks. Kane's stipulation for taking these photos was that he wanted to be pictured killing a snake with his toy gun. Here are my favorites from our session together.

Renstrom Family

This summer I've been really enjoying photographing families. It's just a lot of fun to hang out and capture loved ones as they interact with each other. These photos are from one of my recent favorites in Matthews Winters Park. These three are wonderful, and I don't know if I've ever met a happier baby than the adorable Hudson. 


Tulum is located about 130 kilometers south of Cancun on Mexico's Caribbean coast. I had the great privilege to go there recently (thank you, Authentic Form and Function). The beaches of Tulum are everything you'd hope a beach to be. The sand is like fine sugar leading to an ocean that is a magnificent gradient of the lightest to the richest blue. The coast is lined with groves of palm trees providing shade and ambiance for the restaurants and beach clubs populating the area. Unlike what I've been told about Cancun, Tulum still feels like a small beach town - it is not overrun with mega-resorts, and boasts a food scene that makes choosing where to eat for each meal difficult. Bring me all of the pico de gallo, and all of the margaritas. Why can't all of the world be a beach? 

Here are some of my favorite shots from the trip.


Images shot in Cambodia - most of them in a village set on a minefield close to the border of Thailand. Some of them shot in the capital city, Phnom Penh.


Here are some of the images from a day trip into Burma. I visited an orphanage that was recently built to house orphans who will return to Burma after years in a refugee camp just inside Thailand. The Karen people are some of the most beautiful people I've ever met.